A guide for luxurious pen maintenance

Having is a luxurious pen is fine at the same time it is also necessary to maintain them and only they will be long-lasting. Like you have a car and you focus to change oil and care them it is equally important to care for your luxurious pens as well. during the cleaning of the pen, it is necessary to remove ink completely form the pen and then flush the ammonia solution out of the pen and do them for three to four times and tap with water. This process has to carry out if you are changing the brand or the color of ink to have complete use of them.Related image

Piston filter pens

These types of Luxury Pens will become hard if the ink is allowed to cake into the barrel of the pen. When the same condition continues there can be any twist or break. When you find that the ink is accumulated dry and that appears in the transparent part of the pen, it means that there is some problem and you need to have proper remedies for the issues.

Cartridge or converter

These types of the pen also need to be cleaned frequently especially if the cartridges are used high. Avoid putting your pen away for a long time with a cartridge filled with ink in the pen. It is good to use a converter to flush with one part of household ammonia and the other two parts of the water solution.

Dos and don’ts with ink

Most of the people will not have a clear idea about the type of ink that has to be used and that has to be avoided. The pens that are not cleaned properly cleaned have more problem if using waterproof drafting inks since these inks will not dissolve in anything but they will feed themselves and results in a clog that are very hard to remove. So it is much necessary to clean the pens.

There are some of the inks that are preferred like the ink that sticks to carbon since they are formulated especially for the fountain pens that are made of platinum and sailor. Besides choosing the right ink it is necessary to clean the pen in the right time period to ensure a long and happy life for the pen.

The plugged feed issues

All the pens tried to have an ultrasonic because of ink being impacted in the feed channels; the technique of ultrasonic alone did not help much in solving the issue. Because of Waterford on the top of the nib, it did not allow to the pen to write properly after few lines and when the feed channel is not completely plugged in it also lead to spilling of some amount of ink. Anyway when the vacuum develops into the reservoir air cannot get back and replace the amount of ink used.

On the whole, t is not important to just buy a luxury pen, to make them useful for a long time it is necessary to use them and handle them with care with appropriate measures.


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