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This fall, news about Investment is topping the charts as we approach the final stretch of the year. The stock market is in a state of flux as the end of the bull market sentiment approaches. Many investment veterans and new investors alike are watching each and every sector with a great deal of scrutiny to ensure they have made the right moves in regards to their portfolio selections and timing their gains accordingly.

News from the investment news sources paints a rather clear picture of what to expect for the final stretch of this year. Analysts expect that the fourth quarter will be the most active months in terms of stocks being sold off by large corporations. The fourth quarter traditionally has been a particularly strong month for activeagers, as they are looking to complete their gains and lock in profits before the holiday rush is upon us.

A new survey taken by the non-profit Scottrade shows that traders who have an awareness of the news tend to pick out stocks that are set to perform well in the upcoming quarters. The news from the investment news sources is consistent with the Scottrade view that earnings surprises will not be a large enough portion of stocks overall to result in substantial profit increases. While it may be true that many new investors are holding back on buying until the end of the year, many experienced investors are more enthusiastic in the current market environment. They recognize that there are still great gains to be made by buying stocks set to perform well. In fact, the trading results that are currently coming in indicate that many active managers have pulled off one of the most successful stock pick moves of all time.

News from the investment news sources indicates that companies that are expected to perform well in the next quarter will continue to do so. Analysts expect that this trend will continue through the end of the year. For many traders looking forward to the end of the year, the Wall Street Journal and other news sources are predicting that the markets will open at the start of March. If this prediction does prove true, it will provide a strong boost for investors all over the world as the markets begin to slowly rise following a long period of steady growth.

Another positive piece of news about investment news from the Taylan EvrenlerJournal focuses on how the index funds that they list are performing. Although the performance of the funds has declined slightly compared to last year, the majority of the largest fund families saw increases in their equity balances. The largest increases were seen in the largest and most actively managed funds, while the small and medium-sized investors had smaller increases. Overall, the Wall Street Journal did state that the outlook for investment is still positive, despite the recent dip.

The news about the investment that the Wall street journal reports is definitely good news for most investors. It will allow for the easy transition for active investors to become passive index funds holders. Overall, the index funds are performing strongly and this should be good news to investors all around the world as the index funds remain very strong during the first half of the year.

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