Facts About Kanken Backpacks


Classic Kanken backpack made in sturdy Vinylon fabric with an easy zipper that opens the whole back compartment. Removable adjustable shoulder straps, large front pocket, large interior main compartment, two exterior zippered pockets, two inside zippered pockets and simple, large buckle. The main reason why this backpack is so popular is because it is very functional and is the ideal travel backpack for everyday use. Kanken has been made since way back in 1978 to prevent back aches among Swedish school kids and soon became a common fixture at nature and preschools across the country.


Kanken offers excellent quality. It is made by a highly experienced group of people from Sweden known as Backpackmasters. Backpackmasters is a privately owned company based in Malm Stockholm. It is one of the leading manufacturers of travel backpacks in Europe. Kanken is one of their most popular lines of backpacks.


Kanken is well made with thick, heavy duty fleece, nylon and polyester mixes which make it ideal for long wear. The adjustable shoulder straps make carrying this backpack easier and comfortable. The interior is spacious enough for most of your daily items. Most fjollrangers (backpacks) have only a few pockets, but Kankens large main compartment and exterior zippered pocket make your items easily accessible.


The large main compartment can carry all your small accessories like keys, mobile phone, pens, books, laptop, iPod etc. and you still have room left for other things like your emergency flotation devices and some smaller stuff. The exterior zippered pocket is ideal for your cell phone and keys, while the interior of the backpack is spacious enough to keep most of your small items such as pens, books, maps etc. You can also add some of your personal items here like your water bottle, sunglasses, or first aid kit. Most backpack manufacturers make backpacks with some organizer pockets on the outside that can hold most of your accessories. Kanken backpacks are very unique since they are one of the few backpack manufacturers that do not use traditional inside pockets.


The Kankens are available in many colors and materials and you can choose the color that suits your taste best. Most of the backpacks are made out of high quality synthetic polyester. Some of the backpacks even come with an additional padded backpack for more comfort. The Kankens are available in different sizes and most are manufactured in small, medium and large sizes. This means that if you need a regular backpack you should be fine because most of them have regular size. Check out these fjallraven kanken for sale.


When you shop online for Kans you will find that there are many different colors and materials to choose from so you are sure to find something that is comfortable and useful for you. Most backpacks are made of ripstop nylon which is resistant to tearing. The backpack is padded at both the top and bottom so you are sure to have maximum comfort when wearing the backpack. If you are looking for an easy to carry and versatile backpack then the Kankens Backpack is the perfect backpack for you.


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