Women’s Clothing – Hoodies Are Fashion Accessories For Both Men and Women

The term hoodies came from the British meaning of hood, which means “curtain”. When it was first invented in the early 20th century, it was simply called a t-shirt and was intended to cover the wearer’s head and neck. Over time, a t-shirt was worn as an oversize dress shirt. Eventually, the original hoodie or t-shirt was made into shorts were worn as an alternative to long Johns.

As a casual wear, hoodies have been a staple for women. They are very popular with women who are active and do not mind being in a t-shirt that may not be a good fit. In fact, many sports teams have their own fashion team that designs customized hoodies for each player. Most hoodies will come in a number of different colors, so there are plenty of options available for all types of clothing and style.

The popularity of hoodies has grown over the years because they offer a unique fashion accessory that looks great on any person. T-shirts are not very versatile because they are too big or too small. banksy clothing is why women are choosing hoodies overlarge clothes for comfort and for style. Even women who have a larger body are wearing hoodies.


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